Islay, the whisky lovers Mecca, is a remote island located west of Glasgow, Scotland. Not many people can say they have visited any of the distilleries on the Isle, let alone one of its most famous, Lagavulin.

When approached by Diageo to develop a concept to mark Lagavulin's 200 year anniversary, our idea was almost instant, bring Islay to the world. We spent a week on the Island shooting not only the distillery itself but it's surrounding areas, including the legendary peat fields that give Lagavulin its iconic flavour.

The footage was all shot in 360 and edited into 9 scenes. We created three versions, the first for online 360 streaming, the second for Google Cardboard to give the user a full VR experience and the third for our giant whisky barrel cinema booth that will tour the globe in late 2016.

Our 360 film comes complete with aromas to match each scene, and of course soundscapes that we spent hours and hours editing to ensure each scene was as close to the real world as possible. 

Away from the booth we have built a lift installation at Diageo HQ to resemble a scaled down version of the dramming room at the distillery. Like with all projects at Condiment Junkie, we created a completely multi-sensory space true to the original room on Islay. This involved working with an electronics and product engineer to invent a battery powered unit that would release the scent of the dramming room. Another major issue was a similar unit would be needed to trigger sound, something I myself produced from start to finish. The system had to be battery powered, motion sensor triggered and of course play through adequate speakers, one of my biggest challenges to date.