Luxury chocolatiers Godiva celebrated their 90th anniversary in 2016. My first project for multi-sensory experts Condiment Junkie was to bring to life a bold concept that would involve developing a new range of chocolates and a one day event in Brussels, the home of Godiva. The event would see press and luminaries from the confectionary world join in making the occasion.

I joined the agency just as the project proposal had been approved and for the next 6 months it became my life. Working in a team of three (Creative Director, Client Director, Project Manager) we went about giving Godiva their ultimate party and we did not disappoint!

You can view how the event unfolded in the video below...

Invitation Jigsaw

A giant jigsaw that would have its 155 pieces sent to 24 different countries in 4 continents as part of the invitation to the event. We packaged each piece in a Godiva 24pc box along with a colour matched leaflet designed and printed by ourselves. The graphics were designed by acclaimed Belgian street artist Oli-B. 

Aroma Organ

14 tubes containing the key ingredients to Godiva's flavours. Taking inspiration from a similar idea I saw in Sweden's science museum, we worked with a overseas team to produce an instrument of aroma for guests to enjoy.

Elliptical Bar

The centre piece to room 1 of the event which hosted the stars of the show, the Godiva chefs.

Product Experiences

We took 5 of Godiva's chocolate flavours and recreated them as product experience. Each flavour had its story told in a completely multi-sensory way inside a giant chocolate box. 

Aztec - A tribal surrounding, each guest would bite into their chocolate as the lights dimmed and drums hammered away to complement its dark and rich flavours.

Ecusson - A room where everything from the the chandelier to the walls looked like it had been made out of caramel. We even developed a soundscape that made each guest feel as though they really were in the centre of the chocolate.

Mousse Meringue - The central plinth was a maze of floating ping pong balls that you had to navigate through to get to your chocolate. The projector shooting downward moving bubbles helped us achieve the feeling of floating.

Couer Blanc - A complete replica of a 1950s Godiva store

Lady Noir - The bitter/sweet taste of the chocolate was represented by two sound and lighting stetings that were triggered by touching either side of a central plinth. We had worked out the frequency of certain sounds that would trick the human brain into thinking the taste was more bitter or sweet depending on the setting of the room.

Truffle Domes

Our recreation of 3 of Godiva's favourite truffles; Perle Noire, Pistache and Speculoos. Each dome was made to accurately represent the outside of each chocolate, we even used real cocoa powder on Perle Noire. 

Rose & Raspberry Room and Dinner

The final room celebrated innovation and premiered Godiva's new flavour, 'Rose and Raspberry'. The entire room was dedicated to enhancing the flavours and communicating the inspiration behind the piece. Guests were treated to a 3 course meal designed in collaboration with 2 michelin star Chef Christoph Hardiquest. Each course had an accompanying soundscape, scent and film projected onto a screen the entire size of the room - 10m wide. It is possibly the most immersive michelin starred meal ever created.