Handed a highly technical brief 3 weeks out from Black Friday by tech giant Dyson would put most studios off but myself and the Millingtons team pulled together and gave their Oxford Street store one of the standout window displays of fall 2016, and it wasn’t even Christmas themed!

We produced a supersized version of their hairdryer with an aperture to show all the circuitry in action. When detailing, the size of the window meant we had to oversize direct to media print front and back faces, a very delicate and expensive process when dealing with 3mm acrylic. The hub of the window we made a sandwich of 12mm MDF with CNC cut lines each with RGB LED to represent the circuit. The next layer was 6mm opal acrylic to allow light to pass through and the top and bottom layers were 6mm black acrylic. All the layers are held in place with a black steel channel for a clean and strong finish. 

Using the existing store hanging grid the head of the dryer is hung with steel framework placed underneath to give support and give shape to the handle which is simply direct to media acrylic stuck to the framework in the shape of a Dyson handle. 

Dyson also asked us to produce a scale version which you would think would be simple after working on the larger one…

The hairdryer computer chip is rather inconveniently hidden at the reverse of the dryer. In order to replicate the supersized version we had to remove this chip from a second dryer, cut the aperture and place the chip at the front of the one that would be in situ. Using 3 blue LED’s we were able to replicate the effect of the larger dryer ultimately leaving Dyson delighted.