A personal project that was meant to be a bit of fun between friends that has now escalated to being one of the most exciting nightlife concepts in London in less than year. 

Electronic music has always been a big influence and interest in my life, as have events, something I am sure you will be aware of if you have explored some of the other projects on this site. Moving to London back in 2015 presented an opportunity that I tried to resist for the best part of 18 months. 


August 2017 finally saw my will power to resist temptation to add my own take on dance music events in the city cave and Art Peckham was born. 

Combining cutting edge electronic artists with up and coming visual, graphic and performance artists from the South London area, AP has tried to be slightly left of the norm. We have tried to be a hub for new talent while attracting some of the worlds truly outstanding DJ's and producers to a range of obscure venues. 

Our first few outings have seen us utilise a sex dungeon in Camberwell as our playground for underground techno before moving onto the far more established Bussey Building. The latter has proven to be far less challenging for myself and the team, leading us to embark on the opposite by focusing on two new spaces in 2018. We now call a 300 capacity art gallery and an 11,500 square foot disused warehouse space in SE15 home, both satisfy our desire to do things different and present our fan base with completely new experiences in the ever saturated London scene.